State of Mind…New York City

It was raining the whole time that we were in New York…from the time we arrived until we rode the bus going back to Boston, the shower was non-stop. The excitement was somehow reduced as it was very inconvenient to move from one place to the other. But the experience still remains memorable.

Not everyone felt the same but I think New York is worth revisiting. Yes, the subway was quite disappointing…reminded me of our own Quiapo underpass but in way it added character to the already colorful city of New York.

A heart left in SAN FRANCISCO

Our US vacation ended almost three months ago, but memories are fresh as though it was just yesterday.

San Francisco is one of the places in my mind…the experience of being in this place really made me want to leave a piece of my heart.

Every place we were fortunate enough to have visited had its own charm…and San Francisco has a character of its own…

US trip – first day

It was in a way a dream come true for me and wife. We were able to have a vacation in the US despite work and financial considerations and not to mention, a medical emergency.

There was so much anticipation for this trip. Some family members are in the US and a chance to meet them would indeed be memorable. Never in my wildest dream did I see myself with my mother and two of my sisters in another country, considering our simple living in the province decades ago. I guess, one can really never tell.

By the way, here are some of the photos I took on our first morning in the US. This was in Onset, Massachusetts, where we stayed to celebrate my sister-in-law’s wedding.

The downside of a nice accommodation …

Forgive me, I’m still preoccupied by our trip last December.

The experience is indeed bitin., having to stay in Bangkok for only a day. As I said, a day would certainly be not enough. Moreso, being bilited in a nice hotel was an additional letdown. Imagine being torn between the idea of staying inside a comfortable room, sleeping and relaxing and going outside and savor the place you visited for the first time…

Truly, Oakwood – Apartments at Sukhumvit, Bangkok provided one of the best accommodations we experienced so far…topnotch customer service, clean room, comfy bed with sheets of gazillion thread counts. Given the chance to come back to Bangkok, it’s a must for us to book in this place again.

People and Motorcycles in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

There are things that make a country distinct from the rest of the universe.

For Vietnam, I think of People and Motorcycles…There’s a certain mystery in the people here that even a reflective mind cannot dig into. One moment we were with a super friendly tour guide … the next, we were with some scheming tuktuk (not sure if that’s how it’s called) drivers…then a very disappointed travelbook street vendor who tapped (well, tap is an understatement but it could not qualify as a slap, i suppose) my arm when I refused to buy her merchandise …then a brawl right outside the hotel…huh!!! Still the whole Vietnam experience was worth it.

Motorcycles are everywhere in Ho Chi Minh. It would indeed take a brave soul to cross a street. Everyone seems to drive a motorcycle, men, women, young, old, students, office employees, street workers…. Motorcycles are indeed kings of the road in this side of the planet.

One Night and One Day in Bangkok

It has always been a pleasure to be in another country.

There is always this feeling of being mystified from discovering things for the first time. When even the differences in culture and language cannot create a barrier for interaction. One day is indeed not enough to enjoy what Bangkok has to offer…but we’re satisfied. Great food – check, beautiful sceneries – check, grand temples – check, nice hotel – check, friendly people – check!

What more can I ask for???

another day perhaps!

Going to Cambodia

Some journeys are worth taking.

Last December we headed to Siem Reap coming from Ho Chi Minh and it was the longest travel by bus I have experienced. Physically, it was exhausting but beyond full bladder, revolutionary tummy and thickened butt, the ride was all worth it. It was not only the fulfillment of getting to the destination but the trip itself that completed the whole experience. A view from the shuttle’s window was enough to realize that there’s something in Cambodia…like being transported into another time-frame – into a scenery of a period film.

I took some photos from my seat and indeed I saw simplicity of the people’s way of life and the no-fancy vibe of the place itself… reminiscent of our childhood days in the province when everything was less complicated…

Coffee Bean

Sometimes daily stress and pressures demand for a quiet time in a place where you can relax even just for a short time.  Good thing there are coffee shops out there where you can just chill and forget some of life’s hassles…to just sip your favorite coffee or tea…listen to great music perhaps or simply just stare at walls…hmmmp a little drizzle outside will just be perfect…indeed.