Niagara Falls at Night

Niagara Falls at Night

Niagara Falls at Night

A lot have seen Niagara Falls at day time…so a shot of the falls at a night is something fresh to the eyes.

This was taken from our US trip last year.

One of the highlights of said trip was this Niagara Falls tour. We actually went to the New York side of the Falls.

Spectacular… the one word i cant think of right now to describe the place.

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The best tasting omelette for me…from Real Coffee Boracay Island, Philippines

If I’m not mistaken, it’s Jack Omelette.




This photo was from our last year trip to Guimaras…It was our first time to be in the island. Memorable experience as basically we were the only persons in the resort (the name somehow skipped my mind, old age, I suppose), so ultimate privacy indeed.

We went from Boracay to Guimaras and I think Guimaras has its own charm…and also worth visiting…truly it’s more fun in the Philippines

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Of D-Tags, Singlets and Running Bibs

What’s keeping me busy these past few days???


There’s a certain feel every time a race is finished even if practically you sometimes end up to be one of the last persons to reach the finish line..

and a few life lessons come in hand like not giving up through rough roads and hard times …and things like that.

The downside of a nice accommodation …

Forgive me, I’m still preoccupied by our trip last December.

The experience is indeed bitin., having to stay in Bangkok for only a day. As I said, a day would certainly be not enough. Moreso, being bilited in a nice hotel was an additional letdown. Imagine being torn between the idea of staying inside a comfortable room, sleeping and relaxing and going outside and savor the place you visited for the first time…

Truly, Oakwood – Apartments at Sukhumvit, Bangkok provided one of the best accommodations we experienced so far…topnotch customer service, clean room, comfy bed with sheets of gazillion thread counts. Given the chance to come back to Bangkok, it’s a must for us to book in this place again.

Seeing Siem Reap

It would not come as a surprise if this made it to most people’s bucket list of places to visit.

It was one of those moments when I’m totally lost for words…when grand, magnificent, great and other superlatives would not be enough to describe the satisfaction of being in this place. Surely, the long bus ride was worth it. It was perfect…the most trustworthy tuktuk driver…a nice hotel accommodation with the friendliest staff…a picture-perfect destination…good weather, etc. etc….. Indeed, this kind of experience is something that can make you be thankful for the life that was given to you…for the eyes that make you see, for the skin that feels the air as it touches you, for the heart that makes you feel…

People and Motorcycles in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

There are things that make a country distinct from the rest of the universe.

For Vietnam, I think of People and Motorcycles…There’s a certain mystery in the people here that even a reflective mind cannot dig into. One moment we were with a super friendly tour guide … the next, we were with some scheming tuktuk (not sure if that’s how it’s called) drivers…then a very disappointed travelbook street vendor who tapped (well, tap is an understatement but it could not qualify as a slap, i suppose) my arm when I refused to buy her merchandise …then a brawl right outside the hotel…huh!!! Still the whole Vietnam experience was worth it.

Motorcycles are everywhere in Ho Chi Minh. It would indeed take a brave soul to cross a street. Everyone seems to drive a motorcycle, men, women, young, old, students, office employees, street workers…. Motorcycles are indeed kings of the road in this side of the planet.

One Night and One Day in Bangkok

It has always been a pleasure to be in another country.

There is always this feeling of being mystified from discovering things for the first time. When even the differences in culture and language cannot create a barrier for interaction. One day is indeed not enough to enjoy what Bangkok has to offer…but we’re satisfied. Great food – check, beautiful sceneries – check, grand temples – check, nice hotel – check, friendly people – check!

What more can I ask for???

another day perhaps!