People are people…

In the more than one month of being absorbed into this blog, I tend to concentrate on posting photos…yes, forgive me I am presently absorbed in my attempt at photography – emphasis on “attempt”. Just like a crime…it has to start with an attempt. Consummation will come in time…perfection will have to wait longer…

In my desire not to make this day an “empty-posted day” for this blog… I started digging my files for pictures I took of people…of strangers.

A song says there’s comfort in one’s strangeness..and I have to agree and when one takes a photo of a stranger, the pressure of making that person look good is absent…

and one will readily agree that human beings are better subjects compared to …(let’s say)  chairs…lamps or glasses or starbucks…(Wait a minute, I took photos of chairs, lamps, glasses and starbucks!…darn me!)

so here we go!!!


Another Weekend…

This weekend, another MCLE (Mandatory Continuing Legal Education) Saturday at UST…I really missed UST -having studied for more than eight years in the University –  it’s a second home (4years undergrad- law school 4 years and one sem- one subject [long explanation…hehe]) …It’s a good thing that MCLE is  being held there.

I would have loved to take photos…but was not able to find time…anyway…two more Saturdays to go..

After UST, I went to Robinson’s Place Ermita to meet my wife.. We had dinner and bought groceries…000ppps! I have to stop here…I need not give an account of our mall sight seeing, right??? anyway …I’ll just share some photos …

By the way…I’ve already placed watermark in my photos…cool!!!


I don’t know how to feel.

See, I made an entry in this blog about  Felix Restaurant at Greenbelt last Monday. Last night out of curiosity, I searched through other blogs and websites that may have featured Felix…just wanted to know how other people find the food and ambiance in the said restaurant.

To my surprise, I chanced upon this website which contains the exact article (including all the pictures!) I wrote for Thelostrays’ blog…without even acknowledging that it came from my blog.

Come on!!!…common sense is telling me that something is wrong and I feel like being robbed…Using my article and my pictures is okay, in fact, being new in blogging and in taking photos, such would be a source of flattery…that is when proper acknowledgment is done.

I don’t know what other actions I have to take regarding this matter. I posted a comment in the said website, and it’s still awaiting confirmation.

Just to lessen stress, I’ll just add some more photos from Felix…I love this resto!!!

My Own Binondo Trip.

I’m very excited to chance upon blogs about Binondo…

I used to work there for more than two years ( a long time ago!!!am I that old??)…and the experience was great…imagine the Chinese restaurants…the street foods and all those reminders of Chinese culture in the Philippines within your hand’s reach…

So when my wife asked me to accompany her to buy something…I gladly indulged…goes without saying though that I have to bring my camera along…

I had limited shots though… It was very hot …and yes, I was not able to stand the heat.

By the way, when you’re in Binondo, and in that side of Manila, you almost feel that  you’re in another country. . . in a more Chinese-dominated place.

I almost forgot that the waiters and servers in President’s Restaurants were Filipinos…imagine, I made sign language just to ask for tissues…blooper!!!

Razon’s of Guagua

Razon’s Halo-Halo is probably the best halo-halo in town …at least for me…some find it overrated (too simple)…can’t blame them actually. But for me, the simplicity of this halo-halo is its selling point…the right amount of sweetness and creaminess.

After a long hiatus from eating this halo-halo (back when I was still working around the area of Robinson’s Ermita, we made it a point to drop by that small kiosk of Razon’s to have regular intake of their Halo Halo), we visited their Mall of Asia branch for lunch..

Their Halo-halo remains the topnotch halo-halo that it is known for…I just noticed that ice was not as finely crushed as they used to (not sure, if it’s just me)…as for the rest of the food that we ordered —NEVER MIND…the restaurant itself, way too cramped….let’s stick with the halo-halo, shall we???

Thinking of Boracay

Yesterday, my wife and I went to the Travel Expo at the SMX Convention Center – SM Mall of Asia. We were able to book airline tickets for our December travel…this time it’s not Boracay…

It has become a regular thing for us to celebrate our wedding anniversary in Boracay, this year will be an exception but no…not because we got tired of Boracay…it will remain my favorite place…the finest sands and the friendly hotel staff…the walking on the beach…not to mention, the food! Boracay will always be Boracay!

A few of our pictures from last December’s Boracay visit…..

Pre – valentine, etc.

On valentines day we opted to stay home…so we went out the day before…

Not  much of a  good planner, so I was not able to make necessary restaurant reservations (did call a couple of restos but one is fully booked and the other is way too expensive…hmmp excuses excuses!)

So, we ended up dining at The Terrace at 5th…(located at Greenbelt5)…Food – Good, nothing spectacular  . . . satisfied but not totally impressed. The Price – a bit on the expensive side, manageable though, it’s valentine’s day and no complaining allowed, a few splurging is excused!

Well, I’m not really capable of describing tastes of food so I hope the pictures will speak for themselves…By the way, the place is nice…fresh and homey.