State of Mind…New York City

It was raining the whole time that we were in New York…from the time we arrived until we rode the bus going back to Boston, the shower was non-stop. The excitement was somehow reduced as it was very inconvenient to move from one place to the other. But the experience still remains memorable.

Not everyone felt the same but I think New York is worth revisiting. Yes, the subway was quite disappointing…reminded me of our own Quiapo underpass but in way it added character to the already colorful city of New York.


A heart left in SAN FRANCISCO

Our US vacation ended almost three months ago, but memories are fresh as though it was just yesterday.

San Francisco is one of the places in my mind…the experience of being in this place really made me want to leave a piece of my heart.

Every place we were fortunate enough to have visited had its own charm…and San Francisco has a character of its own…