People and Motorcycles in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

There are things that make a country distinct from the rest of the universe.

For Vietnam, I think of People and Motorcycles…There’s a certain mystery in the people here that even a reflective mind cannot dig into. One moment we were with a super friendly tour guide … the next, we were with some scheming tuktuk (not sure if that’s how it’s called) drivers…then a very disappointed travelbook street vendor who tapped (well, tap is an understatement but it could not qualify as a slap, i suppose) my arm when I refused to buy her merchandise …then a brawl right outside the hotel…huh!!! Still the whole Vietnam experience was worth it.

Motorcycles are everywhere in Ho Chi Minh. It would indeed take a brave soul to cross a street. Everyone seems to drive a motorcycle, men, women, young, old, students, office employees, street workers…. Motorcycles are indeed kings of the road in this side of the planet.

welcome back…

After more than two months of not posting anything, I am back. Two months seem to be very long…a lot have happened, some worth remembering and some just needed to be placed in a trash bin…

and yes… in the span of two months life changing moments may happen but then life moves on and at the end of the day there will always be things to be thankful for.

Moving on…I’ll just share some photos I took one lazy morning …

Donsol, Sorsogon

Last Election day, together with some friends, I worked for a candidate in Sorsogon. It was a great experience, not only for the fact that I have witnessed the automated election in action but  because I was assigned in a place where people are nice and the views are spectacular… Donsol is the town in Sorsogon known for the Butandings…and no one can blame them for visiting this place on a regular basis.