The downside of a nice accommodation …

Forgive me, I’m still preoccupied by our trip last December.

The experience is indeed bitin., having to stay in Bangkok for only a day. As I said, a day would certainly be not enough. Moreso, being bilited in a nice hotel was an additional letdown. Imagine being torn between the idea of staying inside a comfortable room, sleeping and relaxing and going outside and savor the place you visited for the first time…

Truly, Oakwood – Apartments at Sukhumvit, Bangkok provided one of the best accommodations we experienced so far…topnotch customer service, clean room, comfy bed with sheets of gazillion thread counts. Given the chance to come back to Bangkok, it’s a must for us to book in this place again.


Seeing Siem Reap

It would not come as a surprise if this made it to most people’s bucket list of places to visit.

It was one of those moments when I’m totally lost for words…when grand, magnificent, great and other superlatives would not be enough to describe the satisfaction of being in this place. Surely, the long bus ride was worth it. It was perfect…the most trustworthy tuktuk driver…a nice hotel accommodation with the friendliest staff…a picture-perfect destination…good weather, etc. etc….. Indeed, this kind of experience is something that can make you be thankful for the life that was given to you…for the eyes that make you see, for the skin that feels the air as it touches you, for the heart that makes you feel…

at G Hotel

Last August 28 was my wife’s birthday.  For a little celebration we stayed at G Hotel in Roxas Boulevard.  The place is nice, posh and decent… We love the black and white minimalist feel of the lobby.  Sadly the rooms were not themed the same way…The breakfast buffet was superb,  enough to keep me full for the whole day!