The best tasting omelette for me…from Real Coffee Boracay Island, Philippines

If I’m not mistaken, it’s Jack Omelette.


People are people…

In the more than one month of being absorbed into this blog, I tend to concentrate on posting photos…yes, forgive me I am presently absorbed in my attempt at photography – emphasis on “attempt”. Just like a crime…it has to start with an attempt. Consummation will come in time…perfection will have to wait longer…

In my desire not to make this day an “empty-posted day” for this blog… I started digging my files for pictures I took of people…of strangers.

A song says there’s comfort in one’s strangeness..and I have to agree and when one takes a photo of a stranger, the pressure of making that person look good is absent…

and one will readily agree that human beings are better subjects compared to …(let’s say)  chairs…lamps or glasses or starbucks…(Wait a minute, I took photos of chairs, lamps, glasses and starbucks!…darn me!)

so here we go!!!

Thinking of Boracay

Yesterday, my wife and I went to the Travel Expo at the SMX Convention Center – SM Mall of Asia. We were able to book airline tickets for our December travel…this time it’s not Boracay…

It has become a regular thing for us to celebrate our wedding anniversary in Boracay, this year will be an exception but no…not because we got tired of Boracay…it will remain my favorite place…the finest sands and the friendly hotel staff…the walking on the beach…not to mention, the food! Boracay will always be Boracay!

A few of our pictures from last December’s Boracay visit…..