Election plus unrelated random shots

Cannot think of anything to post..yes…election on my mind..but I don’t think I’m in the position to express any form of opinion with respect to the topic…Philippine Politics is something i would rather not be a part of…It’s dirty, it’s dirty and yes it’s dirty…but hey on the contrary this coming elections is gonna be the most exciting thing happening in this country in years! Don’t ask me why but lawyers are always looking forward to this one in every three years event.

I don’t intend to devote the whole entry to the May 10 Elections, so I’m just posting some of the photos I took from the parking lot of Robinson’s Place Manila.

Another Weekend…

This weekend, another MCLE (Mandatory Continuing Legal Education) Saturday at UST…I really missed UST -having studied for more than eight years in the University –  it’s a second home (4years undergrad- law school 4 years and one sem- one subject [long explanation…hehe]) …It’s a good thing that MCLE is  being held there.

I would have loved to take photos…but was not able to find time…anyway…two more Saturdays to go..

After UST, I went to Robinson’s Place Ermita to meet my wife.. We had dinner and bought groceries…000ppps! I have to stop here…I need not give an account of our mall sight seeing, right??? anyway …I’ll just share some photos …

By the way…I’ve already placed watermark in my photos…cool!!!