Nu Wave…New Wave

According to Wikipedia, New Wave is a genre of music that emerged in in the mid to late 1970s alongside punk rock. The term at first generally was synonymous with punk rock before being considered a genre in its own right that incorporated aspects of electronic and experimental music, mod subculture, and disco and 1960s pop music, as well as much of the original punk rock sound and ethos, such as an emphasis on short and punchy songs.

For someone who’s born in the 70’s (very late 70’s[for me], hehe) an affair with New wave music is inevitable… I cannot really claim that the 80’s was the era for my generation (it is definitely the 90’s!!!) but New Wave music is New Wave music…I don’t know how much more New Wave these artists can get…

The Cure

Boys don’t Cry, In Between Days, Close to me, Lovesong, Pictures of You…the list is endless. Who else can best represent New Wave??? the hair, the make-up and all…Just the mention of Robert Smith and yes New Wave will pop up from your brain.

Echo and the Bunnymen

No matter how many times I listen to The Killing Moon…the feeling remains the same…It’s a national anthem! They also did Lips Like Sugar and Seven Seas


Depeche Mode

The problem when an artist or a band releases a song and that song becomes an instant hit, and then, ten and twenty years later people would realize that said song sucks…the band/artist suffers… Case in point: Depeche Mode… and the Song: Somebody.

wait a minute… that’s not exactly a bad song!

Depeche Mode has released some good songs reminiscent of the 80’s (people are people, blasphemous rumors, etc…) Yeah…”Somebody” sucks

The Smiths

Steven Patrick Morissey…heaven knows I’m miserable now, this charming man, girlfriend in a coma… how soon is now?…The Smiths is a legend in its own right.

New Order



After the demise of Joy Divison (an iconic band, by the way) due to Ian Curtis’ suicide (the band’s vocalist), New Order came into existence… Hits like Bizarre Love Triangle, Regret, True Faith, Thieves Like Us…were products of the band’s talent…

there are indeed lots of other new wave bands, some were better than the above-mentioned (atleast from another person’s point of view), and my list is so mainstream ( so to speak)

Memories, memories: back in college NU107 dedicated a particular day in a week exclusively for New Wave Music (not sure if they’re still doing it)and yes, I made it a point to request a song or two every week 🙂 …If i’m not mistaken said radio station started in the late 80’s or early 90’s playing what else??? hence the name? (not sure, really)!

Few months ago, there was a screening of John Hughes movies in Shangri-la Mall, we went to watch Pretty in Pink…The soundtrack of the movie, I say… is NEW WAVE! bow.

Intramuros, Manila

The perks of having too much time to spare!

For just a few days  I’ve been transformed to a turista of Manila. Not bad, this place has a lot to offer.. and isn’t it  just right to discover corners of your own before hovering other countries. “Huwag maging dayahun sa sariling bayan,” is my battle cry now…

Philippine history is not a favorite subject of mine (centuries back to my school days!) but after Paco Park, I realized it’s never too late to catch up on some basic Philippine History lessons…I just wonder how much information my brain digested yesterday when I stopped by Intramuros to take some photos. Well…photographs are reminders of things of the past…the distant and the not so distant past!

First lesson : Koreans discovered that Intramuros (particularly this spot in front of Manila Cathedral) is a nice place for shooting, I don’t know if it’s a film or a commercial they’re doing.

Imagine how excited I was when I saw a crew shooting at exactly the same time I went to Intramuros… Come on, it’s probably my chance to have a glimpse of Nora Aunor…grrrr!!!!  Wait a minute is Nora Aunor still existing??? I mean in the celebrity kind of existence… Owww, I remember now… she has sealed her demise in the entertainment business by marrying a lesbian ( by all means, marrying a lesbian is not a bad thing after all, don’t get me wrong) a lesbian who looks exactly like her (that’s the thing!)…peace!!!

Where am I??? So imagine how disappointed I was when I discovered that it’s the Koreans…nothing against Koreans…but what else have they not discovered in this country…they’re everywhere…I mean… Boracay…spas…fitness centers…They are the new Magellans…aha!!!

Second Lesson: The next President of the Republic is just around the corner of Intramuros

An EQ/IQ level a step higher than Noynoy’s… he has better sense of humor than Gordon…more endearing than Erap…more handsome than Gibo and mind you..he is tunay na mahirap (unlike Villar). This coming elections…I’ll vote for him for President…

I got a problem, though… I did not ask for his name… and I did not register to vote.!!!!

Enough of the lessons… just share these pictures instead.