Going to Cambodia

Some journeys are worth taking.

Last December we headed to Siem Reap coming from Ho Chi Minh and it was the longest travel by bus I have experienced. Physically, it was exhausting but beyond full bladder, revolutionary tummy and thickened butt, the ride was all worth it. It was not only the fulfillment of getting to the destination but the trip itself that completed the whole experience. A view from the shuttle’s window was enough to realize that there’s something in Cambodia…like being transported into another time-frame – into a scenery of a period film.

I took some photos from my seat and indeed I saw simplicity of the people’s way of life and the no-fancy vibe of the place itself… reminiscent of our childhood days in the province when everything was less complicated…

4 thoughts on “Going to Cambodia

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  2. Hi Romel,
    One of my travel routes in July will be Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). From what you said in this post it seems like there is a bus running regularly from HCMC to Siem Reap. Could you please tell me the name of the bus?
    Because I’ve been told by a friend of mine that there’s no direct bus from Siem Reap to HCMC, therefore from Siem Reap I have to go to Phnom Penh first, then continue to HCMC from Phnom Penh.

  3. Hi Bama,

    Actually we transferred from one bus to another when we reached Phnom Penh, but I think it was covered already by the bus company in Ho Chi Minh ( for US$18 for each person)… no hassle whatsoever…just a few minutes of waiting…I just cant find the bus ticket and I can’t remember the name of the bus company, but i’ll update you as soon as i find the ticket… It took us around 18 hours to reach Siem Reap…According to some friends, it took a shorter time for them…

    Thanks and goodluck on your trip to Siem Reap.

    by the way tuktuk drivers in Siem Reap are generally nice and the hotel where we stayed (Angkoriana Hotel) provided very good and friendly accommodation at an affordable price!

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