Mc Donald’s

Surprisingly my ultimate source of comfort food is your friendly neighborhood fast-food chain – Mc Donalds… Im sorry, but I’ll pick this one over Jollibee in a heartbeat…just compare their fries (not price!) They may not have the Champ but they have Big Mac!!!

8 thoughts on “Mc Donald’s

    • haha, me and your son Gabby are in the same boat when it comes to fastfood! not a jollibee hater..but it’s almost always been a last choice for me…LOL

  1. kuya romel i must agree haha i noticed that mcdo’s big mac is my present comfort food while working on our new project.

  2. ako naman, i so love the chicken nuggets & taro pie. no other fastfood chains or restaurants can offer such unique comfort food. i can eat 12 pcs of nuggets in one sitting. talagang love ko ‘to! 😀
    but i must admit, laking jollibee ako and have endorsed it before when i was still a kid.
    btw, nice nugggets shot…you made me hungry.

  3. Thanks jen…we love mc nuggets too but for some reason..i’m into crispy chicken fillet right now..probably because it’s worth 50php with coke already! hehe

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