I love weddings.. .yeah I know it’s quite unusual for a man to appreciate weddings, the romantic stuffs that come with weddings (too much to handle!)…The financial side of a wedding can actually drive a single man back to his mother’s womb. Did I mention that an average man who’s allergy to commitment can equal that of an asthmatic child to a cat’s fur…will probably sweat a bucket once his significant other starts showing signals of ‘I wanna walk down the aisle’ dreams…

I can’t actually speak for others but I’m a fan of ‘this happens only once in a lifetime‘ mentality when it comes to weddings. Weddings need not be grand or too expensive though, but I really appreciate weddings showing the couple taking the extra mile to prepare a good one… If you can pull-off a nice wedding, somehow you’ve shown signs of readiness to face the challenges married couples encounter in their lives together…

Last weekend, my wife and I had the honor of being invited to the weddings of my office friends…Two weddings in two days…I have to say that the two couples deserve all the best wishes they received…Nice venues… good food…entertainment, lovely brides, dashing grooms!!!etc… Most of all, happiness really radiated from their faces…heaven!

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