The University of Santo Tomas

University of Santo Tomas…in photos!

Consider this a small tribute to the University that shaped my life…made me experience how to live and love…to be proud and humble at the same time.

20 thoughts on “The University of Santo Tomas

  1. awesome photos! im excited to learn about the new buildings and features they’ve done since i left. lalong gumanda, and im sure most – Thomasian or otherwise – would agree that UST is the best looking campus in Manila. i heard the fountain on what used to be Colayco Park is very popular.

    • agree, UST is indeed the best looking campus (biased, hehe)that fountain is nice…million years ago , back when i was a student, never thought they would build a fountain there,… a lot of really good aesthetic changes since I graduated from UST πŸ™‚ naabutan ko pa ata na hindi aircon St. Raymond’s Bldg hehe

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