People are people…

In the more than one month of being absorbed into this blog, I tend to concentrate on posting photos…yes, forgive me I am presently absorbed in my attempt at photography – emphasis on “attempt”. Just like a crime…it has to start with an attempt. Consummation will come in time…perfection will have to wait longer…

In my desire not to make this day an “empty-posted day” for this blog… I started digging my files for pictures I took of people…of strangers.

A song says there’s comfort in one’s strangeness..and I have to agree and when one takes a photo of a stranger, the pressure of making that person look good is absent…

and one will readily agree that human beings are better subjects compared to …(let’s say)  chairs…lamps or glasses or starbucks…(Wait a minute, I took photos of chairs, lamps, glasses and starbucks!…darn me!)

so here we go!!!

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