Another Weekend…

This weekend, another MCLE (Mandatory Continuing Legal Education) Saturday at UST…I really missed UST -having studied for more than eight years in the University –  it’s a second home (4years undergrad- law school 4 years and one sem- one subject [long explanation…hehe]) …It’s a good thing that MCLE is  being held there.

I would have loved to take photos…but was not able to find time…anyway…two more Saturdays to go..

After UST, I went to Robinson’s Place Ermita to meet my wife.. We had dinner and bought groceries…000ppps! I have to stop here…I need not give an account of our mall sight seeing, right??? anyway …I’ll just share some photos …

By the way…I’ve already placed watermark in my photos…cool!!!

5 thoughts on “Another Weekend…

  1. love the watermark it’s really cool. nice photos too especially the last.

    this coming mcle picturan mo kami kuya 🙂

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