I don’t know how to feel.

See, I made an entry in this blog about  Felix Restaurant at Greenbelt last Monday. Last night out of curiosity, I searched through other blogs and websites that may have featured Felix…just wanted to know how other people find the food and ambiance in the said restaurant.

To my surprise, I chanced upon this website which contains the exact article (including all the pictures!) I wrote for Thelostrays’ blog…without even acknowledging that it came from my blog.

Come on!!!…common sense is telling me that something is wrong and I feel like being robbed…Using my article and my pictures is okay, in fact, being new in blogging and in taking photos, such would be a source of flattery…that is when proper acknowledgment is done.

I don’t know what other actions I have to take regarding this matter. I posted a comment in the said website, and it’s still awaiting confirmation.

Just to lessen stress, I’ll just add some more photos from Felix…I love this resto!!!

10 thoughts on “Wahhhaaaatt???

  1. that’s plagiarism; so rude to use your work without proper credits. my unsolicited advice to you is to put watermarks on your photos and/or registered your site on copyscape to avoid another similar instance to happen again…enjoy blogging! and thanks for frequenting my site.

  2. oo nga i agree. that is plagiarism! so yeah, put watermarks on your photos. that’s easy to do lang naman eh. put it in the middle or something so it’s hard for them to crop it. tsk tsk tsk. sayang you take beautiful photos pa naman.

  3. whoever did that is a bitch! bayaan mo na muna. don’t be disheartened to pursue this blog and to take more beautiful pictures. makakarma din yun. be careful na lang in your future posts. if it’s any consolation, ma-flatter ka na lang 😀 nagandahan lang siguro talaga sa post mo!

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