My Own Binondo Trip.

I’m very excited to chance upon blogs about Binondo…

I used to work there for more than two years ( a long time ago!!!am I that old??)…and the experience was great…imagine the Chinese restaurants…the street foods and all those reminders of Chinese culture in the Philippines within your hand’s reach…

So when my wife asked me to accompany her to buy something…I gladly indulged…goes without saying though that I have to bring my camera along…

I had limited shots though… It was very hot …and yes, I was not able to stand the heat.

By the way, when you’re in Binondo, and in that side of Manila, you almost feel that  you’re in another country. . . in a more Chinese-dominated place.

I almost forgot that the waiters and servers in President’s Restaurants were Filipinos…imagine, I made sign language just to ask for tissues…blooper!!!

4 thoughts on “My Own Binondo Trip.

  1. i had to take a second look of your photo of tomatoes;
    my eyes fooled me when i perceived them first as spanish plums. ha ha.. mura nga pala kamatis ngayon, lalo na in that area.

    the last time we’re there was chinese new year; i was with a bunch of bloggers and did a little food tripping… binondo will remain a quaint place not only for chinese-filipino community but more so for bargain hunters and foodies too!

    • hehe…Actually yours is one of the first blogs I visited that featured Binondo…I really liked it (in fact, I left a comment)…thanks for dropping by docgelo:)

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