Rays of the SUN …

Been a subscriber of Sun Cellular for more than a year…it took tons of PATIENCE really to endure the kind of service they offer… one second you’re having a conversation, the next you’re already doing monologue…one is not allowed to be too engrossed with talking to the person at the end of the line as any minute you’ll be hearing tootoot (line’s gone@!!@!)

But then along came SUN BROADBAND..superb!, been using it for almost a week now…and it really is fast…We’ve been using Globe Tattoo and Smart Bro for quite some time now, and they are both disappointing…so Kudos to Sun on this one!!!

I just hope SUN’s luster and rays won’t be lost anytime soon (fingers’ crossed)

4 thoughts on “Rays of the SUN …

  1. i had problem with smart bro billing statements recently and they haven’t resolved it yet despite the fact that i’ve settled my dues even without their bills. i blogged about it too few days ago. one more hint of a hassle and i’ll switch to sun…

  2. yes doc, i understand your predicament…Apparently Customer service is not a top priority of Smart…as for Sun…I’m not so sure if it can maintain its speed…I notice that sometimes the connection starts to lag…

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