Was it three weeks ago when we heard mass at Greenbelt …and something about the homily that kinda stuck in my mind (no, not in a deep reflection kind of thing and believe me, I’m usually in another universe during homily time to be able to grasp the priest’s sermon)….

The priest was saying something about how the statement…”a face only a mother could love” is not a compliment however way you look at it… I can’t remember how he came to say that…(again it’s me in a different  dimension, probably Pluto at that time)…

I just remembered an anecdote that happened on our wedding day… See, my sisters were raving about how beautiful my wife was on my Big day (not that she’s less beautiful any other day, but you know, the concept of a blushing bride and all that stuff, ehem) and my mother totally agreed…and they were telling me how lucky I was… suddenly mother innocently blurted… ” e, di daman padadaig ang anak ko, kapogi pogi ga rin naman”… I just smiled then….talking about a face only a mother could love..hehe

here’s a photo of our wedding three years ago..(one of my favorite photos <taken by Buencamino Photography> , I realized that the best photos of a couple’s kiss is one not choreographed, just like this one hehehe)

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