Dee Bee Dees…

If in Manila, there’s Quiapo…Makati has EMZEE-ES (katakot baka ma-raid).  The latter is better…(I mean, airconditioning and all…)

What I bought lately…(yeah a patron of pirated DVD…who’s not?)


Movies are supposed to entertain viewers…and comedies are made to make us feel good. If that is so, then this movie is a success!


A legal drama…yeah!!!With Edward Norton’s breakthrough performance….a little twist in the ending…not bad!


One of the best movies of the 80’s…this movie directed by Laurice Guillen is truly outstanding. I never imagine a Filipino film can be as complex as this one.

TRUE BLOOD – Season 1

It’s Bloody…It’s Sexy…do i need to say more.

One  more thing…It’s from the same maker of Six Feet Under…can’t be wrong.


So far, I have watched three movies of Brillante Mendoza – Serbis, Masahista and this one – Tirador… so far it is the best!

(photos of Salome and Tirador, taken from video48.blogspot)

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