well, just a few rants……..


….. a forced smile, a very addictive commercial with a catchy song, tons of other commercials, millions of promises… promises even a god will not dare make… had enough of him.

…..this guy even has the nerve to call himself the ‘tunay na mahirap’ despite the fact that he is the richest senator in the country…. talking about thickness of face. Someone has to stop him…Presidency is not a business venture…stop capitalizing on poor people… if you really have the heart to help them… you don’t need a position….enough said! (photo from the net, http://www.allvoices.com)


….we’ve had enough of this woman. We love our mothers and we understand how they will move mountains just to defend their children… but Ms. Aguilar is just way too irritating for my taste (even if strictly speaking, I’m no expert on tastes)…. I can’t decipher….she’s exerting efforts to turn the tables in their favor…just a reminder her son is the suspect here and she’s acting  as if they were the ones victimized….talking about a genius (well, she claims she’s one)….next time I open the TV, i hope her face no longer pops up the screen….she’s way too overexposed, really (double superlatives here)… I don’t even want to post her picture here!!!! dang!


… hmmp, that’s not me, although sometimes I can’t help but complain on a number of things…There are some people though, who can’t get enough of negative energy… I mean, those who wake up thinking of what to criticize…or those who prioritize to speak up for the wrongs in this world… Mind you, someone who’s goal in life is to memorize all the bad things that happen in her existence is a good candidate for immortality….

… the thing about the above-mentioned people, they won’t be satisfied unless you absorb their energy, but no matter how absorbent you are (calling whisper, modess, carefree and the likes, need your help) they tend to have bottomless supply……….Grrrrrrrr!!!

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