The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay…etc.

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast at Tagaytay City

Baby Back Ribs…yummy

my wife……..

The Original Hawaiian Barbeque

…three chairs

Last January 9, my wife and I went to Tagaytay for lunch… a sort of post birthday celebration.

We headed to the Original Hawaiian Barbeque at the Boutique Bed and Breakfast…satisfied with our food especially with the Baby Back Ribs…so tasty (tasty? yeah tasty is an understatement)  and for the price of P400+ , it was very much worth it!!! We ended scratching our stomachs without punishing too much our wallets.

We were disappointed though with the front desk staff of this Bed and Breakfast… very unfriendly!!! talking about accommodation to the lowest level… no good afternoon greetings at all … no smiles…just a blank stare. We would have loved to see the rooms but we were told that the hotel was fully booked…It would have been fine for us but we’re disappointed with the manner of their response…as possible guests, we knew that they really didn’t care, no, not at all…

In this time and age, when hotel accommodations open here and there…friendly service is a must…and for The Boutique Bed and Breakfast, we expected a lot more. Considering that they have few rooms, friendly receptionists would have given it a homey feel..

This experience with the Boutique – Bed and Breakfast made me reminisce about some outstanding hotel services we encountered.

The Pool at Oakwood Joy Nostalg – Ortigas

massage beds in the pool area of Oakwood Ortigas

the lobby of Oakwood – Ortigas

the room

Last November, we stayed at Oakwood – Joy Nostalg, Ortigas …for a much needed break….don’t know about  Joy Nostalg in the name of the hotel but I must tell that Oakwood’s service is topnotch.

The staff members were friendly and alert… it may be shallow, but warm smiles and polite greetings are truly a must in hotels….From the day that we made inquires (we never felt any pressure or indifference whatsoever, even if at that time, we were not dressed as ‘would be guests’ ) up to the time we checked in and checked out… we were impressed.

—— to be continued

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