Green Tea Soy Latte…

I used to think that Starbucks is overrated…passing by a Starbucks store used to trigger a tiny cell in my brain that blurts anti-colonialism thoughts…. “Ibagsak….Ibagsak ang Imperialistang Mananakop!!!” sort of stuff. Back then, spending more than a hundred pesos for a cup of coffee would cause economic tuberculosis on me. Not a big fan of coffee…had an excuse.

Fast forward…………

Now, I’m sitting inside Starbucks, a couple of hours already. Eavesdropped to a few conversations of strangers …from a guy talking about estate planning (perhaps!!! not sure? how can I? was not a part of their conversation…I was just thinking it was about estate planning coz yesterday i had a meeting with my friends and I was hearing parallel terms…I’m talking Greek now) to watching a  two to three – year old foreigner kid running back and forth…

What happened to my views about Starbucks just a  few years ago???… I don’t know … what I do know now, is I am staring at an almost empty glass of green tea soy latte and realized that I have probably consumed said tea more than all my friends had in their entire lives combined …(yeah exaggerating here)

and yes… one time or the other we can always meet someone or something who will change our views or principle (if I may use a more serious term…just to avoid redundancy) on things….

for me all it takes is just a sip of this darn tea!!!! hehe

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