Weekend: Relasyon (movie)… Old Swiss Inn (food)…Greenbelt (mall)…Zara (Shop)…shopwise (Grocery)…

Another weekend….Yahoo!!!!

After a week of work… it’s time to relax and spend quality time with our loved ones.

List of what we did:

Watched RELASYON on DVD.

The movie released in the early 80’s directed by Ishmael Bernal is a good movie. It may not be the best Bernal film, (Himala and Manila by Night …are more memorable) but surely this movie also shows how talented the director is. More than anything, though, this film is best remembered for the acting of its lead actress, Vilma Santos, who grabbed all the acting awards given that year.

My take: totally agree!!! award well-deserved. The acting of Vilma Santos in this movie is incomparable…yet to be surpassed. I have watched a lot of movies already (and by a lot….it really means A LOT , from pinoy to international movies, not an expert, though…hehe), but from an ordinary viewer’s point of view if there’s one scene perfectly acted by it’s lead actress, it’s the scene where Vilma Santos struggled when the character of Christopher De Leon was dying that fits the category to a tee.

Dined at the OLD SWISS INN – Makati City

As suggested by office friends, we dined at the Old Swiss Inn restaurant (Makati Avenue, at Somerset – Olympia, Makati beside Manila Peninsula Hotel). Nice place, very quiet. Not sure, it’s probably how an old swiss inn looks like, hehe!

Food was great, service was fine… the experience was okay…until a MAJOR glitch… In the middle of eating Zurich Geschnetzeltes (Shredded Pork Tenderloin)… my wife saw a dead FLY mixed with the food!!!! That’s a big time NO NO in a restaurant, right??? come on!!! I mean a fly in your plate???? Under ordinary circumstances, we would have complained loudly, but no…we just called the waiter who offered for a replacement… we  asked for another order…I guess we were not in the mood to complain that time….Anyway, after the waiter apologized and seeing the sincerity in his face…we were pacified….We heard him apologized around five times…so that’s enough. Of course we were not charged for the Pork Tenderloin… but I think if happens in another resto, we would not have been billed for the entire order…. good thing I’m on my positive energy mode…just let it pass.

By the way, not a food guru here… but I can say (erasing the FLY in my head), that the food in this restaurant are superb, we were satisfied! The Chocolate Fondue… heavenly!!!

Attended Mass at GREENBELT

After the Old Swiss Inn, we headed to Greenbelt…by frequency of weekend visits, I think this mall tops my list…having a nice Chapel is a big plus. For me, it’s the country’s best looking shopping and dining area….

Zara Sale

No intention of buying clothes… until we passed by Zara shop in Greenbelt 5. SALE….in the true sense!!!

Bought some items for us, then a couple of apparels for my sister-in-law and her boyfriend. Apparently some of my officemates were raving about the sale the other day…

MZ…at last!

This morning I went to Manila Zoo…can’t believe it…my first time!!!!!. Practice shooting again…

Talking about being alone…yet having quality time.

Don’t know how to describe the place…my mind was probably preoccupied with taking photos… come to think of it, back when I was a kid, I was really wondering what’s inside the Zoo…

well, just a few rants……..


….. a forced smile, a very addictive commercial with a catchy song, tons of other commercials, millions of promises… promises even a god will not dare make… had enough of him.

…..this guy even has the nerve to call himself the ‘tunay na mahirap’ despite the fact that he is the richest senator in the country…. talking about thickness of face. Someone has to stop him…Presidency is not a business venture…stop capitalizing on poor people… if you really have the heart to help them… you don’t need a position….enough said! (photo from the net, http://www.allvoices.com)


….we’ve had enough of this woman. We love our mothers and we understand how they will move mountains just to defend their children… but Ms. Aguilar is just way too irritating for my taste (even if strictly speaking, I’m no expert on tastes)…. I can’t decipher….she’s exerting efforts to turn the tables in their favor…just a reminder her son is the suspect here and she’s acting  as if they were the ones victimized….talking about a genius (well, she claims she’s one)….next time I open the TV, i hope her face no longer pops up the screen….she’s way too overexposed, really (double superlatives here)… I don’t even want to post her picture here!!!! dang!


… hmmp, that’s not me, although sometimes I can’t help but complain on a number of things…There are some people though, who can’t get enough of negative energy… I mean, those who wake up thinking of what to criticize…or those who prioritize to speak up for the wrongs in this world… Mind you, someone who’s goal in life is to memorize all the bad things that happen in her existence is a good candidate for immortality….

… the thing about the above-mentioned people, they won’t be satisfied unless you absorb their energy, but no matter how absorbent you are (calling whisper, modess, carefree and the likes, need your help) they tend to have bottomless supply……….Grrrrrrrr!!!


Yesterday, I had some hours to spare, so after dropping my wife at Bayview Hotel for her seminar, I decided to go to Harbour Square at Roxas Boulevard and practiced taking shots.

After two months of using my DSLR, I still have a lot to learn… can’t even consider myself an amateur in photography.

Just the same, when I started taking pictures using my camera, I acquired a new perspective of things around me…suddenly beauty can be found even from the simplest of things…and I became more appreciative of things.

here are some of the photos I took…..

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay…etc.

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast at Tagaytay City

Baby Back Ribs…yummy

my wife……..

The Original Hawaiian Barbeque

…three chairs

Last January 9, my wife and I went to Tagaytay for lunch… a sort of post birthday celebration.

We headed to the Original Hawaiian Barbeque at the Boutique Bed and Breakfast…satisfied with our food especially with the Baby Back Ribs…so tasty (tasty? yeah tasty is an understatement)  and for the price of P400+ , it was very much worth it!!! We ended scratching our stomachs without punishing too much our wallets.

We were disappointed though with the front desk staff of this Bed and Breakfast… very unfriendly!!! talking about accommodation to the lowest level… no good afternoon greetings at all … no smiles…just a blank stare. We would have loved to see the rooms but we were told that the hotel was fully booked…It would have been fine for us but we’re disappointed with the manner of their response…as possible guests, we knew that they really didn’t care, no, not at all…

In this time and age, when hotel accommodations open here and there…friendly service is a must…and for The Boutique Bed and Breakfast, we expected a lot more. Considering that they have few rooms, friendly receptionists would have given it a homey feel..

This experience with the Boutique – Bed and Breakfast made me reminisce about some outstanding hotel services we encountered.

The Pool at Oakwood Joy Nostalg – Ortigas

massage beds in the pool area of Oakwood Ortigas

the lobby of Oakwood – Ortigas

the room

Last November, we stayed at Oakwood – Joy Nostalg, Ortigas …for a much needed break….don’t know about  Joy Nostalg in the name of the hotel but I must tell that Oakwood’s service is topnotch.

The staff members were friendly and alert… it may be shallow, but warm smiles and polite greetings are truly a must in hotels….From the day that we made inquires (we never felt any pressure or indifference whatsoever, even if at that time, we were not dressed as ‘would be guests’ ) up to the time we checked in and checked out… we were impressed.

—— to be continued

Green Tea Soy Latte…


I used to think that Starbucks is overrated…passing by a Starbucks store used to trigger a tiny cell in my brain that blurts anti-colonialism thoughts…. “Ibagsak….Ibagsak ang Imperialistang Mananakop!!!” sort of stuff. Back then, spending more than a hundred pesos for a cup of coffee would cause economic tuberculosis on me. Not a big fan of coffee…had an excuse.

Fast forward…………

Now, I’m sitting inside Starbucks, a couple of hours already. Eavesdropped to a few conversations of strangers …from a guy talking about estate planning (perhaps!!! not sure? how can I? was not a part of their conversation…I was just thinking it was about estate planning coz yesterday i had a meeting with my friends and I was hearing parallel terms…I’m talking Greek now) to watching a  two to three – year old foreigner kid running back and forth…

What happened to my views about Starbucks just a  few years ago???… I don’t know … what I do know now, is I am staring at an almost empty glass of green tea soy latte and realized that I have probably consumed said tea more than all my friends had in their entire lives combined …(yeah exaggerating here)

and yes… one time or the other we can always meet someone or something who will change our views or principle (if I may use a more serious term…just to avoid redundancy) on things….

for me all it takes is just a sip of this darn tea!!!! hehe